Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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It has a new look and new stuffs comming soon too! X.X

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Everything is harder

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One thing you probably want to be ready for in this life is everything is gonna be harder, people will distance themselves whether you tell people who and what you are or not. Everything takes longer, everything is harder for you then a regular person and sometimes you just want to die.

You probably shouldn't die though. Sometimes you meet awesome people who give great advice before they run away, sometimes they do awesome stuff before they start taking advantage of you, it's just human nature. That part never changes even with gushei, if someone can take advantage of you they will and it sucks but you need to remember because it WILL happen to you.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to, that person should not be someone you see on a daily basis because no matter what they will use it against you in one way or the other. Very very rarely they don't and you have the most awesome friend in the world. 99.9 percent of the time they do though so if it means that much to you get ready for alot of crying and sadness and pain. #justsaying

Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Pages

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I filled out the testimony pages I also have the guides up that I have written so far. Currently working on 3 new articles : Really bad jobs and why you want them,How to tell a bad place to work and The fruit that they bear.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 25, 2014

More than thing

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To the dude/dudette who keeps giving me +gs Thank you!! can you like the one in the side bar too? lol

k bye

Almost Ready for College!!!

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Ok so I got my Fasfa (student loans) fixed, my classes scheduled and surprise...I have to take remedial math classes which I have come to terms with. It was brought to my attention that for some reason engineers are required to do alot of public speaking? Where? Anyway now I have to take a class for that too. I'm also pretty excited about the 2nd langue requirement but unfortunately Japanese isn't an option so now I have to decided what language to learn. It's between French, German, and Italian I guess.(that's all colleges FYI- The last one i mean)

I just got my ID today and I got giant purple sunglasses, a blue and white Dr Suessish hat and a cowbell for no reason! Very excited for student discount times!! Fun Fact: College students get discounts like everywheres! OK study time (more on that later) bye!

Insert filler here

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So you may have noticed there's some new stuff up. Finally managed to gather some time to start fixing the site. Should see more stuff in a bit!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Insert filler here

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So if this is a blog I should probably start writing about my life. Some stuff I can’t talk about but some stuff I can like...COLLEGE! If all goes well, I should be starting in May of this year however I have a few concern, for instance, I can’t even spell college and I’m going for computer engineering .So why am I gonna fight so hard this? Well here's why:

For one I do have SOME experience with computer hardware considering I spent a year building computer servers for some big name companys thanks to my old boss who was an awesome teacher btw, the problem is I never thought to truly understand all of the stuff I was doing. It was more like - this wire with this connector goes in the baby silver thing. It was all visual.

There was even a point where my boss would start speaking my language to help me better understand. You know how funny it is to hear this big important (British) Vice President  tell you things like the “the squiggly goes there”It was all very Doctor Who, it was awesome! He was also never really far for the most part of it so, if I had a question all I had to do was turn around and be like what do I do now?

Not long after, I was able to pull everything off without him and there were even times he would leave for days at a time and I was able to build and get things shipped out by myself if needed with no problems. It was the funiest and the best job I ever had, epic ego boost aside even if I was only making minimum wage.

Silly stupid me who didn’t even have her GED at the time doing all this crazy stuff you know?Especially when in the brief few years with my mother she always told me things like don't ever let anyone tell you your smart and how I wasn't worth anything, which contributed to a lot of the mistakes that I made in life, never thinking that I could do any better. My old boss and his wife taught me that anything and everything is possible and I love that feeling, I want that back.
So I got some work to do ppls
~Cupcakes out bia

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